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As representative for English on the national board of Språklärarnas riksförbund - The Swedish Language Teachers´ Association - I am pleased you found your way here. Hopefully you may find one or two things that may inspire you and help you as you seek to perform your very best as an English teacher. I hope you will agree with me that a core part of being a teacher is taking part in collegial exchange; being a lone wolf is simply not an option. 

Again, having been a teacher of English - as well as Swedish - myself for more than fifteen years I would not exactly call myself a newbie within the business of education. Rather, without hoping this sounds too selfpromoting, I am indeed beginning to enjoy the benefits of experience. And how could it be otherwise? Yet, at the same time the old saying "constant change is here to stay" may appear to have never been so true as it is in these days. Does one wish for a calm and predictable life, embarking on a teaching career is the last thing one should do, since this really implies being at the forefront of things. On a societal level, to be able to accomplish what needs to be accomplished within the arena of teaching I would say we as teachers really need one another.

In a recent issue of Lingua (2016:2) there was a short presention of yours truly. An even shorter version can be found in the right column adjacent to this. Beneath that is listed an entire arsenal of useful resources which you may wish to explore. 

All the best,

Henrik Birkebo



Henrik Birkebo

My name is Henrik Birkebo and I am the honoured representative of English on the national board of Språklärarnas riksförbund. A short presentation of myself would entail mentioning that I am a teacher of English and Swedish at upper secondary school level. A graduate from Gothenburg University, 2001, I marvel at the twists and turns life may indeed present for us. Having grown up in Denmark, while moving to Sweding in my early twenties, I am today married since twenty-eight years back. My wife and I have four daughters, and we of course wonder what life may bring them in due course - just like one wonders what life has in its bosom for our young people that we meet in school every day. They sit in your classroom, struggling with the verbs and the  pronouns, and you do all you can to help them cultivate and pursue their inate abilities and hopes. The next thing, as it feels, you meet them in the street or perhaps read about them in the newpaper: They have now grown up, radiating confidence, acting out their part on life´s stage - and you and I were a part of making that possible. I would say, this is indeed where prose and poetry meet. 


Associations for Teachers of English

International Association for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

Liverpool Online
View sessions from the 2013 conference of IATEFL (International Association for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) on the web.

Harrogate Online
Filmed sessions from the 2014 IATEFL conference.

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

General sites (all skills + more):

BBC Learning English 

British Council

ESL. About

Learning English. VOANews
Voice of America. Mixed Exercises


Busy teacher  a lifesaver for teachers in a hurry :)

ISL Collective

TESOL Videos (both for teachers and students)

Breaking News English (Complete lesson plans based on audio podcasts)



Using English Com.

English Club

Englishmaven (with an emphasis on grammar)

Disabled Access Friendly  Lesson Plans ”to raise awareness about issues affecting people with mobility disability”.

WebEnglish.se  (Especially for English teachers in Sweden, on all levels) 

TeachingEnglishOrg (a site for teachers)

Interactive Activities (on a broad variety of subjects and topics)

Video lessons

English lessons (for self-study)


www.thepaperboy.com/ link to many newspapers and magazines

Quotev: short or long texts, adventure, romance or sci-fi? Here you can find it all (including quizzes)




www.seventeen.com/ gossip, fashion and much more

www.teenvogue.com/ more gossip and fashion




The Times in plain English

Swedish news in English

http://tinytexts.wordpress.com/ (also vocabulary exercises)

http://www.readwritethink.org/ (also writing + some listening!)

Scribbling Women (American women writers)

ELT Reading Group  (British Council)

Basic Literacy Skills for Adults

The Harry Potter Companion (artwork by fans)

Newsinlevels (world news)

Time for kids (news articles)

Awesomestories (also listening) 

Reading comprehension exercises:

ESL About. Intermediate Reading.

Using English. Intermediate Reading


Vocabulary exercises:



http://a4esl.org/ (Vocabulary + Grammar and more)

16 websites for vocabulary

Exploring Frequent Vocabulary (a series of videos by the University of Westminster)

librivox.org/ (audiobooks)


SoundsEnglish (various levels)

English Central – Listening exercises online

http://www.lyricstraining.com/ (lyrics and music)

PBS Digital Nation. (Videos. Advanced Listening Comprehension. US Culture/Society/Politics)

Independent English

”Comedy in ELT” by Nick Michelioudakis. Video clips here and handouts here.


Many Things

UR  Engelska (Utbildningsradion)

Listen a minute

Grammar exercises:




Grammar Bytes 

http://a4esl.org/ (Grammar + Vocabulary and more)

English Club (Tutorials and Tests + a splash of comics as illustrations)

English Worksheets  (grammar + some vocabulary, basic level)

LearnEnglishFeelGood (a rich store of exercises and worksheet, three levels)

E-grammar (mostly verb exercises, upper intermediate to advanced)

English for Everyone

Appias diagnoser

Perfect English Grammar

Grammarly (for advanced writers)


Getting It Right! (21 video films in Swedish by Henrik Birkebo - basic English grammar)


Dictionary Reference

lexin.nada.kth.se/sve-eng.html  Folkets lexikon. svenska-engelska-svenska


Longman (English-English)

The Idiom Connection 

Snappy Words

Language Reference

British National Corpus

Corpus of Contemporary American English

Writing (e.g. people to write to and/or places where you can publish your texts)






Headliners  (Mainly stories written by British youth)

Storybird (Marvelous pictures to inspire story writing)

Madmagz (A site for creating magazines)



BBC Pronunciation

Learners TV. English pronunciation videos

Howjsay  ”A free online Talking Dictionary of English Pronunciation”

http://www.dialectsarchive.com/ (IDEA: International Dialects of English Archive)

Talk Typer (dictation instrument)

Culture/ Realia:
This American Life

Visit Scotland

Ask About Ireland 

Heritage Island (Visitor attractions in Ireland)

British Pathé (an archive of documentary video clips from the 20th century)

Film Club (film clips and study questions)

Film English  (Award-winning site by Kieran Donaghy. Lesson plans for all levels)

PBS Video Clips

Teaching About Film (from the NY Times)

TED Lesson Plans

IATEFL Global Issues (Videos and lesson ideas on a variety of social and cultural topics)


Shortoftheweek (short films. You can also publish films here).

LearnEnglish- BritishCulture

Interdisciplinary work


PBS Learning Media

The Teacher's Corner (worksheets)

Forward Education/Research for Teachers

TESOL Videos

Scoop it 

Humanising Language Teaching (on online magazine with a wealth of high-quality articles)

About ELT  From the British Council Leading ELT professionals write guest blogs.

TIRF Online. International research foundation for ELT

About Dyslexia (Free material for a course on dyslexia, especially aimed at foreign language teachers)

The English Language Blog (Questions and answers about the English language answers by linguists from Linnéuniversitetet (University of Linné.

Odds and Ends

Pictures on Flickr

Information about Studying in England

Voki (graphic figures ”avatars” that speak your texts)

Practise for tests: LearnEnglishTeens (British Council)

Visuals  (images for use in foreign language teaching)

Young Learners (ages 7-12)

Story Bird (pictures that inspire stories)



ESL Partyland

The Teacher’s Guide

English Worksheets

Storylineonline (storybooks read aloud by actors/actresses)

BogglesWorld (worhsheets of various kinds)

Storyit (about using stories in the classroom)

PBSKids (tips on how to work with stories)

Bradburg (concrete/graphic poetry)

The Woodland Trust (concrete/graphic poetry)

Ken Nesbitt’s Poetry4Kids  (concrete/graphic poetry)

ReadWriteThink (lesson plans for concrete/graphic poetry)

WebEnglish (a broad variety of topics and subjects)

Mocomi  (interdisciplinary work)

ESL Flashcards 

abcteach (for interdisciplinary work) 

Blogs with lesson tips 

EFL Lecturer (By David Mainwoood)

David’s ESOL Blog (By David Bradshaw)

Carol Read (Blog about Primary English Teaching)

Blogs about ELT (English Language Teaching) 

Jeremy Harmer

Scott Thornbury