Utbyte med en fransk gymnasieskola?

Gymnasieskola i Montpellier önskar utbyte med svensk gymnasieskola!

Notre-Dame de la Merci is a private Catholic mixed high school located in the center of Montpellier, France. The High School Institution has 1200 pupils between 15 and 18 years old to prepare the Baccalauréat (Grade 12, A levels), and 200 students in Classes préparatoires, a university-level preparation for the national competitive entrance exams for the French Grandes Ecoles.

We would like to run a new partnership with a Swedish high school, which teaches French. We don’t propose Swedish lessons to our pupils but are persuaded that we have a lot to share. Also, the excellent English level of Swedish students will guarantee a successful partnership between our two schools.

We have partnerships with Spanish, German, Chinese and American High Schools. The school’s international projects were rewarded last year by the French Ministry of Education with the attribution of the label ÉTOILE (Excellence Talent Ouverture Internationale pour les Langues Étrangères). Also we have asked for welcoming a Swedish Erasmus + Assistant next year for helping us to set up European projects.

Besides the academic disciplines (Mathematics, Sciences, Literature, History, Economy…), Notre Dame de la Merci offers a variety of courses: European sections in English and Spanish, Digital classes and German, Chinese, Latin, Greek, Arts and Music. It also proposes extra activities: Manga club, Reading club, Badminton, Volley ball, Run & Bike, Slackline, Body-building, Dance, Tennis, Drama club and Writing workshop.

Teachers organize different projects during the year as going on educational trips (operas, theaters, museums, exhibitions, research labs, geology, scuba diving…), participating to the Mini-company Championships (French and European), attending to conferences with scientists, business managers and students.

The School has good national results (Baccalauréat, twice more «Mentions Très bien» (grade A pass) than the national average). But our goal is not only good results for our students but also helping them to open their mind and to develop by giving them self-confidence, solidarity and charity values, a critical mind and an intellectual curiosity.
You can contact me if you are interested to run a partnership with our school.

Marianne Lemercier
Communication and International Partnerships Officer

Tél 0033 (0) 4 67 06 11 30



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